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    Life is complicated, planning an event shouldn’t be. Whether you're planning a large wedding, a surprise birthday party or a simple date night, Twingle is a fun and easy app that helps you organize your event.


    Use the Twingle app to choose from hundreds of designs to create a personalized invitation for your event. Use the event dashboard to easily invite friends and family, track RSVPs, share event pictures/videos and chat with your guests.


    Twingle is available for any iOS and Andriod mobile and tablet devices and

    now on the web at:


  • What is Twingle?

    Take a look and give it a try!

  • Twingle at a glance

    Some of the awesome features that makes Twingle fun and easy.

    Create Invite

    Choose from a wide selection of designs or upload your own design and personalize it for your invitation.

    Invite Guests

    Send invitation to your guests via text or email address.

    Chat With Guests

    Intearct with your guest, automatically invites all your guests to a group chat.

    Share Pictures & Videos

    Relive the moment by sharing your favorite memories from the event.

    Create Polls

    Need help deciding? Create a poll and get instantaneous response from your guests.

    Potluck Sign-up Sheet

    Create a sign-up sheet and your guest can select the item they can bring.


    Friendly reminder on upcoming event or to remind RSVP is still pending.

    Sync  with Calendar

    Import the event into you iCalendar or Google calendar

    Event Agenda

    Create, organize and share the event activities with your guests​

    Duplicate Event

    Easily duplicate to repeat the event for another date

    Public Event

    Create a personalized event link and share via Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp or other social media website

  • Twingle Dashboard

    Event Dashboard

    Let's you conveniently manage variety of tasks such as, invite guests, track RSVPs, update event details, create polls and more.

    Twingle Chat

    Chat and Share Pictures

    Everyone invited to the event can chat and share pictures. Fun way to interact before, during and after the event.

    Twingle App  Potluck Signup Sheet

    Organize potlucks

    Easily create a sign-up sheet and keep track of who's bring what. Your guests can select the items from the list or they can add new items.

    Twingle App Poll

    Create polls

    Trying to figure out what restaurant to have dinner? Quickly create a poll and get everyone's input.

    Twingle Home Screen

    Event Planner

     All your events organized so you don't miss a beat.

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  • Twingle FAQ

    We always strive for the best.

    How can I edit my Event information?


    From your event dashboard (from the Home screen, tap your event), scroll down to event information section and tap on the “Edit” button. Modify your event information as required. Your guests will receive a notification the event information has been modified.

    Can I hide my guest list?


    Yes, if you go to the event dashboard in the app (from the Home screen, tap your event), tap on the “Edit” button. Scroll down and expand the “Details” section, you'll see an checkbox to enable host to hide guest list. You can re-enable it at any time.

    How do I manually RSVP for a guest?

    The host can set the RSVP manually for any of the guests. From the event dashboard (from the Home screen, tap your event), tap on “Guests List”, find the guest and tap the “Set RSVP” button to set their RSVP preference.

    How do I set a Co-Host?


    The Co-Host feature will allow you assign another guest to share the hosting privileges. From the event dashboard in the app (from the Home screen, tap your event), tap on the “Invite Co-Host” button to add a co-host.


    What does it mean to "Make Event Public"?


    Making an event public means the event is open to everyone, it allows the host to create a personalized link that can be shared on Facebook, or social media sites. This is useful for a large event or when the host does not have contact information (email or mobile number) of all the guests. Anyone interested in attending the event simply clicks on the link to and RSVP.

    To make an event Public:

    1. From your event dashboard scroll to “Make Event Public”;  enable by sliding the toggle switch to right
    2. Enter Tag:  Enter a tag name that can be associated with your event
    3. Once completed you will see a link.  You can share that link on your Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp or other social media websites.  You can also email or text the link to your contacts.    

    Can Twingle be used to send invites to international numbers?

    Yes, Twingle is available in most international countries.


    What is the difference between Event Announcement versus Event Chat Group?


    An Event Announcement is a forum for the host (or co-host) to broadcast a message. The message is received by all invited guests that have RSVPd "Yes" for the event and have the Twingle app.


    An Event Chat group is a forum in which hosts or guests can interact, message, and share pictures. All guests that RSVP "Yes" and have the Twingle app are automatically added to the Event Chat Group.

    How do I chat with a only a selected group of guests invited to my event?


    From your event dashboard (from the Home screen, tap your event), tap on the "Chat" icon on top. In the Event chat screen, tap on "Create New" found on the top right. Enter the Group Name and invite guests you like to add to this group. Note: only the invited guests that have RSVPd "Yes" or "Maybe" for the event and have the Twingle app can be added to chat groups.

    How do I disable chat for my event?


    To disable chat for your event, you have to delete the event chat group. Tap down and hold on the event chat group, you will receive a prompt to delete the chat.

    How do I delete an invite?

    From your event dashboard (from the Home screen, tap your event), scroll down to bottom and tap on “Delete Event” button.


    Still having problems?

    If you're still having trouble, send us an email contact@twingle.com. Make sure to include a description of your issue and what device you're having it on.